Educational-Professional Guidance Ceremony @ Bhimrao Ambedkar Social Transformtion Association (BAST

Events organized by the Bhimrao Ambedkar Social Transformation Organization (Basta)

All of you are informed that for the benefit of all you are organizing educational-professional guidance from Bhimrao Ambedkar Social Transformation Organization (BASTA). In which all types of student-based schemes, which are the Government of India

What information is being run by them, what kinds of courses should be done after 10 + 2 or how to do the course.

You will be given information on employment and self employment as well as all types of engineering, medical education, computer, fashion design, beauty course, prime minister skill development scheme, national small industries corporation, khadi and rural industries commission etc.

Please request everyone of you to access the maximum number and take advantage of this service and fulfill your dream. Please share this information further so that anyone can benefit.